Induction Heaters

Every machine that ESC designs is custom designed to meet the needs of our customers.

All of our Induction Heaters are centered around a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The PLC includes a color touch screen to control the Induction Equipment. Power control and heat start/stop are available on the touch screen, or a remote operator panel. The PLC also contains a fault history log for ease of troubleshooting. PLCs have been utilized for several years in industrial applications due to their reliability. ESC Induction has taken advantage of the PLC’s reliability and ease of use for an operator/service person and minimized the need for custom circuit boards, thereby improving the customer’s uptime, making your company more productive.

Recipe selection is provided when applicable. Recipes can be protected from misadjustment with a secure password such that the operator cannot adjust variables. Only personnel with the password are capable of adjusting recipe variables. The PLC can control all facets of a turn-key system. By having a PLC we are capable of full automation or semi-automation without the need of a separate control system. The PLC can also be designed for manual operation.