About Us

ESC Induction (Energy Saving Crew LLC) is a manufacturer and service provider of induction heating equipment. Founded in 2011 by Shawn and Tracy Davis, Energy Saving Crew’s goal was to develop energy saving solutions for the manufacturing industry. Having a background with induction heating, Shawn developed a wireless temperature control system that controlled the output of an induction heater. Ever since the inception of ESC we have approached every project with the ultimate goal of increasing overall efficiency and reducing energy consumption, while maintaining a design that is reliable and simple to maintain. In addition, ESC established a successful preventative maintenance program, extending the life and performance of existing induction heating equipment.

By 2012, ESC designed its first generation Induction Heating System and delivered a production worthy product shortly after. With the delivery of our first machine, we reduced the customer’s electrical usage to 45% of their original usage, while increasing production rates. The customer was also able to get a rebate check for $37,000 from their electrical supplier. It was at this point Energy Saving Crew took the DBA name of ESC Induction.

Since 2012, ESC Induction has delivered over 170 induction heaters across the US, saving clients energy and making them more profitable along the way. We’ve grown exponentially over the years through the pride and dedication that our employees take in both delivering a high-quality, efficient product and developing relationships with our customers. We firmly believe that our customer’s success is our success.